Replacing Tillerson With Pompeo Would Supplant a Moderate With a Hawk

The views of Mike Pompeo, the C.I.A. director, have put him in good stead with President Trump, who has come to value his pungent opinions and hard-charging style.

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  1. People will die if these ignorant, callous jerks are put into these positions of power.

  2. This should read: Replacing Tillerson would supplant an incompetent voice with an evil one.

  3. Trump's wants someone who is just loyal to him. The problem is that being loyal to Trump is synonyms to making oneself ridiculous. Pompeo will become the new joke among the US allies.

  4. Who needs enemies with Secretary of States like Tom Cotton?

  5. As Exxon's CEO, Tillerson opposed the construction of facilities necessary for fracturing in his neighborhood. That pretty much illustrates the depth of the swamp is not just in DC, but throughout American society. Pompeo will be a breath of fresh air to a Department that has run roughshod over the American public since Teddy Roosevelt ended his term.

  6. Better a Hawk, than a corrupt and useless female Dove, as under Obama! Tillerson has done a great job of cleaning out State of the many long-time, incompetent, sinecures that have flooded State for decades!

  7. Worse yet, Pompeo is an unrepentant Islamophobe, who actually has claimed that Christianity is at war with Islam.

    Speaking in a church in 2014 he said: "But I can tell you that this threat to America is from people who deeply believe that Islam is the way and the light and the only answer..." “...Jesus Christ our savior is truly the only solution for our world.”

  8. It really doesn't matter as long as we have a madman at the helm.

  9. There are no moderate, or sane, voices in the trump administration - period, end of sentence.

  10. Eliot Cohen makes Machiavelli look like Mother Theresa. To have him laud Pompeo as CIA director so as to tip Trump's hand into war is the ultimate expression of a war monger. Which, frankly, is what Cohen is. He has been advocating regime change against everybody who is opposed to the USA's interests, even if our allies are opposed to such a change. Furthermore, to call someone an anti-Semite at the merest criticism of Israel and it's influence over the US is to prove the other person's point. The neo-cons are back, just under a populis, xenophobic rubric.

  11. Pompeo was MY Congressperson. He is a true believer, in himself. And unlike most of the Trump Regime, this guy is smart. He is salivating over the thought of War, any War. Watch your back, Pastor Pence. He wants YOUR job, for starters. And, thanks, GOP.

  12. What's moderate about Rex Tillerson? He's a right winger... not a centrist.
    Pompeo is merely more of an outspoken right wing ideologue...

  13. Mr. Trump needs a new war, and soon. So he has to have personnel in place to help make that happen.

    Starting a war as a distraction is not only standard operating procedure for despots, its SOP for Republicans since Reagan. Unless you're lucky enough to have an actual justifiable war handed to you (Bush I), you have to make up a reason to have have yourself a war (medical students in Grenada, "weapons of mass destruction").

    There's no way Trump's going to let himself go down in history as the Republican president who broke that streak.

  14. That’s OK. It’s primarily the red states tat fill the military ranks. I say it’s about time for a couple of new wars.

  15. Yeah, wise guy, and without them, you know where you’d be? LOL...

  16. the potential nominee is a rightwing horror show, but the incumbent, sworn to lead the destruction of the agency he heads, in thrall to the russians, is hardly a moderate

  17. Have we sunk so low in this swamp we now consider Tillerson moderate?

  18. Is Pompeo really a "hawk," or is he a "vulture" instead?

  19. Do any of these people HONESTLY believe the world could survive a nuclear exchange? Do they HONESTLY believe that if 45 launches a first strike at NK, China and Russia would both ignore their treaty obligations and refuse to launch a counter strike.
    I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I have not worried about a nuclear war since the Cuban missile crisis. That was a game of 'chicken' between JFK and Nikita Khrushchev....neither of whom was demented or unstable as I believe 45 to be.

  20. They're not worried, since there are special shelters and underground villages for the government elite. They'll stay down there for a few months after a nuclear attack.

  21. In the mid-19th century Thoreau wrote, "This people must cease to hold slaves, and to make war on Mexico, though it cost them their existence as a people."

    Although I personally don't support or participate in violent or illegal acts, nor do I believe in karma or divine retribution, We the people of the United States deserve to lose our existence as a people.

    Too bad that our children don't deserve how We the People of the United States are destroying our nation...and their future.

  22. This country is in a complete melt down.

    Please get out and vote, a democratic majority in the Congress and Senate is the only short term way to put the brakes on this.

  23. No, it’s not the country. It’s just the left that’s going crazy... Losing and not being able to come to grips with the consequences of the loss of an election that Times and WaPo and all the pollsters and pundits and media airheads had guaranteed was going to be a progressive landslide win of epic proportions has driven the losers to the brink....

  24. Tillerson has been trying to quash rumors that he will not quit. Will not let Trump down or will not resign. He's made numerous statements to the press all to no avail. This article is a perfect representation of what fake news looks like. A story about a possible change to an existing structure that has no base in reality but stirs the hopes of the left

  25. Another far America has fallen. This is a direct result of republican obstructionism, the hollowing out of America’s heartland for jobs and infrastructure and the democrats focus on the low hanging political fruit of the high density coasts.

  26. Out with the bad, in with the worse? I don't think we can rest until the entire Trump administration is shown the door, preferably the door to a prison cell.

  27. -Replacing Tillerson With Pompeo Would Supplant a Moderate With a Hawk-

    Yes...the whole Russia-Trump campaign collusion story increasingly looks like a collapsing house of cards. Mueller charges Flynn with lying to the FBI...NOT with cooperating with Russian government operatives to somehow influence the outcome of last year's presidential election.

    No wonder that Vlad Putin howls that-U.S.-Russia relations have reached an all-time low under President Trump.

    I certainly hope that everyone at the NY Times appreciates the delicious irony involved there, and in today's headline.

  28. From the frying pan, into the fire? Does this transition mean that the WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST will continue for evermore?

    This event is sign from heaven to the warmongers that it is OK to extend the war all the way to East Africa. The NYT will now start reporting on the increases of American troops in this region.

    Where is the Republican budget discipline?

  29. How to save the rule of an unpopular autocrat? How to avoid public backlash from corruption charges?

    Go to war. Works most of the time.

    An antecedent step is to effectively abandon diplomacy.

    Get rid of Tillerson (certainly no angel but compared to -->) insert Pompeo at State.

    God help the Koreans (both north and south) and possibly many Japanese.

  30. I'd agree that Tillerson has been the worst secretary of state in our history, but only up until now. I am assured that Pompeo will be worse. He will continue to eviscerate the state department, but unlike Tillerson, he will also go along with whatever insane, ignorant nonsense Trump spews out. He will also, as the chief diplomat, go around insulting other nations, and attempt to get us into open war with Iran and North Korea.

    The only thing that might save us from this atrocious administration is its incompetence, so I hope Pompeo is as generally ineffective as the rest of Trump's appointments. But if that doesn't save us, I expect the American empire to end, one way or another. And I'm fairly convinced that America deserves to end by now; we started out pretty well, but our own selfishness, bigotry, and idiocy doomed us, much like Rome.

  31. " ... Tillerson has been the worst secretary of state in our history" -- you appear to have forgotten about HRC.

  32. Dear Chet380,
    I remember Sec. Clinton, and she did a fine job overall. But don't worry, Tillerson is only the worst so far, Pompeo will certainly be worse still, and whoever replaces Pompeo in about ten months will probably be a psychotic mass shooter or something.

  33. Pompeo = nuclear war in North Korea and Iran.

  34. This is a frightening moment in HIStory. The Con Don and his International Mafia Top 1% Global Financial Elite Robber Baron/Radical religion Good Old Boys Cabal want WW3.

    Notice that the stock market soared over the news that The International Mafia is going to get to steal even more of OUR hard-earned taxpayer money, through tax breaks and OUR government contracts, even more of OUR hard-earned consumer money, through zero regulation, and even more of OUR hard-earned retirement money and home wealth through market manipulation and the loss of tax breaks for the middle/low income classes.

    The real danger is that The International Mafia are a bunch of spoiled, poorly educated, socially unconscious, insatiably greedy, one-trick-pony inherited wealth brats who are manipulating the markets, which they control over half of. They can tank the world economy in a heartbeat - just as they can make it soar.

    We should have demanded that the whole damn global economy crash in 2008.

    WE THE PEOPLE would have been the ones to suffer then but we will suffer even more now that the Robber Barons have gotten control of OUR U.S. government, and many governments around the world.

    Merry anti-christ-mas everyone.

  35. As I've said before, prior to attacking North Korea we need to parachute-in a force of the children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of every Republican member of Congress and the Trump Cabinet to preemptively blow-up all NK retaliatory capabilities. We are talking about the most patriotic, courageous, and brilliant gene pool in America, and I know they can do the job. Onward to victory!

  36. Let's there anything more I need to do before I launch my HUGE missiles? Nope. Seems everything's in place...

  37. Will he be a Pompeo or a Pompey, prince of Egypt? Stay tuned-- Donald's vanity war on Kim jong-un is in the cards, so stock your lunacy shelters. UK might re-join Europe just to get Donald banned from the continent; it would be a condition of keeping rail lines connected. Meanwhile, people of good sense will lay off the Garrison Keillor story. This is beginning to feed the Donald narratives, and the charges against Keillor are so ludicrous that they might have been made by a closet Bannonite.

  38. Tillerson is NOT a "moderate" voice in terms of politics or international affairs!

    He's a sane man, but a career-long corporate fatcat and seriously right-wing views on government (not to mention the environment).

    Please STOP misusing the term "moderate" like this, in various contexts.

    Pompeo is an extremist zealot, a loud-mouth, and an utter know-nothing when it comes to diplomacy!

    So we're replacing a sane, overtly polite, know-nothing Sec of State, with a dangerously belligerent, know-nothing, unqualified by BOTH temperament and experience for the role of Head Diplomat.

    NEVER in the course of US history have such utterly unqualified people been put forth for high positions in government -- by the most utterly unqualified "president" in history, in office by dint of foreign election tampering, no less!

  39. I couldn't agree more. Calling Tillerson a moderate just shows how skewed to the right the American perspective has become. The American 'left' would be right of center in most of Europe. Tillerson would be a Christian Democrat (or, in Spain, a memebr of the Partido Popular) and Pompeo, off the map.

  40. As it stands now, with Flynn flipping, his "appointments" may realize that it's a very short term employment prospect.

  41. The ongoing incompetence and inexperience continues. Trump continues to put people into jobs that are incapable of performing the duties of the position. We will pay for this for a generation!

  42. We're paying for it already. Taxes are about to go up on everybody except the rich, millions are about to lose health insurance, the U.S. has never had a lower standing in the world, and soon enough the economy will crash from bad management. In a generation, there probably won't be an America left.

  43. The malfeasance, or early dementia of Mr. Trump, is only allowed because decent men (and women) defer to decency --all while Mr. Trump destroys our institutions and country.

    The only proper course of action --and what we demand as a nation-- is for Mr. Tillerson to resign immediately, but to specify in a public resignation letter what we all know is true but what needs to be said and written down by him:

    That Mr. Trump is an incompetent leader by all measures, that the is a danger to peace and an inciter to nuclear amajgeddon. That he is inept, and that the 25th amendment needs to be exercised as we is either mentally incompetent or in the throes of early dementia. Mr. Tillerson has been a chief of industry and knows all of this. It is time for him to speak truth to power.

  44. This is looking ever more like the plot-lines of a very mediocre TV series.

    I cannot believe your system of government has functioned all these years on tacit understandings about what is right and proper, but it must have to derail as spectacularly as it is now doing...

    What is happening, from Trump becoming the official GOP candidate for the Presidency of the USA, to his being appointed by dint of the workings of an 18th century institution that was explicitly created at that time to address the problems of that era, to the composition of his team and the way in which this was confirmed by the Senate... it's very hard to believe that this is all formally legal.

    But it is, isn't it? You can loose an election by 3,000,000 votes and still become President. You can appoint your son-in-law, who has no relevant experience whatsoever, to unravel a conflict that started a couple of thousand years ago, when it pitted the Philistines against the Israelites. You can pick a CEO and make him Secretary of State or a self-professed ignoramus and make him the head of the DOE... It's all possible! You can insult longstanding allies. Justify extra-judicial killings. Have a talk with the leadership of Russia and no other witnesses present.

    Guys! Really. What an advert for democracy! How will you ever be taken seriously again? Oh wait, I know. You can start a war and show everybody just how powerful you are.

    Poor America, what have you done?

  45. We've been asking ourselves that question every day since trump got elected.

  46. Pompeo plays to Trump’s worst instincts. This simply can’t end well if we’re trying to wage war on several new fronts, in addition to the perpetual wars in the Middle East.

    The fact he’s not concerned about Russia is chilling. If the nation survives war, what kind of nation will be left?

    Certainly not a democratic or sane one. And this man was number one in his class at West Point.


  47. Easy. Just have a regime change ... I wonder why past administrations didn't think of that? Better yet, why not start a war, than increase military spending, corporations will get a windfall in arms deals, full employment ... if they play their cards right they might even get away with a plan that looks a lot like martial law, control of the free press, enable alt-right militias to protect the Fatherland, internment camps for Mexicans and Muslims ... although they might have to work on what they have to do with North Korea ... it's doable!

  48. I’ve imagined the same thing, including martial law. Just wait—this complicity is ensuring the unthinkable can, and will, happen.

  49. Mike Pompeo could do the 'Slam Dunk' like what ex CIA chief George Tenet did by giving G W Bush false advice that result in the disastrous Iraq War that forever tarnish US reputation.

    Trump basically want to have a Secretary of State as cover if he issue an order to attack N Korea. At the moment, Tillerson stands in the way.

    Any attempt to attack N Korea, even a surgical one on her only oil refinery or Friendship Bridge while it sound humane, sparring a catastrophe will be illegal.

    Pompeo ought to know as he studied law and as ex Congressman, he should not recommend attacking N Korea as many have suggest this as an option to stop N Korea from furthering her nuke development.

    Attacking N Korea can only be legitimate based on clear and present danger, not out of fear and if Mike ever recommend this to Trump, he could lead Trump to be impeached for harming homeland security as N Korea will surely retaliate by launching ICBM on CONUS.

  50. That's why it should be done sooner, before NK and actually deliver a weapon, rather than later.

  51. Great, add a hawk. Now the cabinet looks like a putting zoo...

  52. Pompeo is not a hawk, he's a lap dog. He curls up on the Great One's knees and catches what falls from his lips.

  53. The natural evolution of tyranny = the progressive radicalization of government to mollify a tyrant. Let's hope that that is not what we are seeing here, but it is worrisome. The good news continues to be that Trump has a "base" but not a party. The bad news: he appears to be becoming increasingly delusional and the job of "reality grounded" government officials is increasingly compromised.

  54. Here is a perfect example what the left is going to get. Get rid of the evil leader who used to Exxon only to get one who is worse. Welcome to the new age of President Pence. Hope you're happy now.

  55. While I cannot attribute the source any more closely than the documentary series, Victory at Sea, I can still hear the voice of Leonard Graves intoning the following: "War is an act of force, and to the use of that force there is NO LIMIT."

    The sentiment refers, I think to the final days of WW II; the investment of Iwo Jima, and Okinawa, and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the incendiary bombings of every major belligerent city, including Hamburg Cologne, Tokyo and Osaka and London and Coventry. We must go carefully where angels fear to tread.

  56. the party of avarice and abject failure -

  57. Tom Cotton as CIA chief? Trump is outdoing himself, buried in ignorance!

  58. Looks like Trump will have his war...

  59. On the bright side...... Everyone who chooses to work for Trump seems to end up going down in flames. This might be a nice chance to get rid of Pompeo and Cotton.

  60. Tillerson is not a moderate anything.

  61. This group of fools want their war and place in history. If that war is nuclear, bizzaro POTUS may well go down in history as the last.

  62. Ah, just what we need more ' yes' men, a military government..

  63. The tax bill and this succession = coup d'etat of our Democracy.

  64. Tillerson said today that his leaving was a bunch of hooey. Will he be surprised like the rest of Trump’s staff?

  65. It would supplant someone who doesn't recognize the existence of evil in Russia, Iran and North Korea with someone who does. Necessary.

  66. Just when I started to like Mr Tillerson, he is now on the chopping block. Because he had no experience in government he was slow and deliberate. It is my opinion that he was trying to understand how the government works and how to deal with a domineering " moron".

  67. Like him for what?

  68. Not salivating at the trigger.

  69. What "voice?"

    Tillerson/Ditherson never said/did anything that had any influence with Trump policy or actions.

    It's been all Trump all the time. Presumably with whichever toady replaces Ditherson, it'll just be more of the same. The only difference? There will be no effort at action that will only produce a Trump cutting off at the knees.

  70. Awesome.
    Our best hopes for pursuing rational, diplomatic policy on NK and Iran will rest entirely with two generals trained for decades in how to wage full scale kinetic warfare.
    Tillerson, though arguably one of the worst SOS, was the brake on Trump rushing into nuclear war against North Korea. Tillerson advocated a diplomatic solution.
    Pompeo, a revolting Tea Party Republican, is another disaster waiting to happen.

    If this is what an "incredibly successful first year" looks like I don't want to be around for one that is chaotic and catastrophic.
    How much lower and how much faster can the US go down the drain?

    Cotton is firmly in the missile riding, rooting tooting, Yosemite Sam brigade.
    He's even been endorsed by bomb-bomb-Iran McCain himself.
    Putting him in charge of the CIA at this juncture is be like opening the firedoor in a burning building.
    It's hard to see how Pompeo could do worse than John Brennan (think Turkey), but I'm sure he'll give it a shot. He's another grade a loon.
    The late American journalist William L Shirer who was stationed in pre WW2 Germany and chronicled the rise and fall of Hitler stated that Nazism was the rise of a 'bar room philosophy'. He painted a picture of a group of bitter loser drunks who nightly prop up the bar and shout things like 'lock em up' and 'shoot them all' and who suddenly found themselves holding the levers of power. Describes Mike Pompeo well.

    Wow, the fall of the Empire is happening much faster than expected.

  71. By all means, let's do a regime change in NK. They have always worked so well in the past from Viet Nam, Nicaragua, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and countless others.

    All flourishing western democracies now, and their people love us. Greeted as heroes everywhere we go. There is not a continent or country in the world that doesn't recognize our exceptionalism and adore us for it. Once they get over being jealous.


  72. Great. We'll have a doctrinaire politico running the State Department and a rank amateur in charge of national security. If this is how Trump ran his businesses, no wonder he's had to declare bankruptcy continuously. It's an indictment of our system that it kept giving him chances with little or no consequence to him personally for failure and mendacity. Now we're in a similar untenable situation with him as president and self seeking enablers a plenty. Not a good feeling.

  73. Folks, I'll make this simple. You are looking at the next Vice President.
    Trump IS going down, Bigly. Pence will NOT run in 2020, he is too soiled by Trump. Pompeo WILL be the GOP nominee in 2020. Cash wager, anyone??? ( NOT an actual offer for illegal gambling, moderators ).

  74. Looks like I'll be spending the holiday digging my new fallout shelter.

  75. Doesn't matter. This administration is full of criminals and soon it will look quite different.

  76. Great, just what we need. Less moderation and more sycophantic 'yes' men.
    Here I thought trump wasn't good at chess but with his limited knowledge of policy and the world it seems his list of people who support his views is limited too. Tom Cotton for CIA, really. Moving Pompeo to State instead of someone with experience?
    What a great and reassuring move that will be.
    I guess we're well on our way to dissolving government and replacing it with the banana republic Trump seems to favor where only loyalists need be considered.
    Is this any way to run a government. It's rather like inbreeding. Eventually no one with good experience is available and the bottom of the pool rises to their individual levels of incompetence witnessed daily through miscalculations, tweets and pressers.

  77. Is it possible to select political appointees by the degree to which they offend the other party? And is that somehow a qualification for high office?

    If so, that explains many of Donald's appointments.

  78. I can't believe someone would go right from CIA to the State Dept. It undermines our appearance internationally, gives weight to Russian accusations. Putin must be thrilled.

  79. The only plus here is that Pompeo, at least, has a grasp of government's function and how to run an agency.

    Otherwise, not a fantastic pick.

  80. The United States is about to find out its limits. The ONLY thing that has kept non-proliferation fairly well in check is COOPERATION: In other words, the majority of the nations of the world agree that the weapons shouldn't exist; therefore, they "cooperate." Let there be one use of a nuclear weapon and non-proliferation will be the concomitant casualty: Absolutely every capable nation and rogue actor will come out in force behind the scenes to join the nuclear club; and the US won't be able to stop it because there will be too many actors. We're idiots for not using our power more wisely.

  81. Nothing "moderate" about Tillerson. He's a globalist, Trump made this mistake early on. Pompeo is much closer to Trumps world view and the world view America needs to have in the modern era. We, the Deplorables, are not going to be sacrificed on the altar of globalism so that the few of you coastal elites can live large at the rest of society's expense.

  82. I don't think it is ever a good idea for the US to "take the gloves off". Whenever we touch things without gloves our hands get all bloody.

  83. Bloody hands, yes; and yet when anyone retaliates it's because they're jealous of the USA and hate Freedom?


  84. I hope that, if Mr. Pompeo becomes Secretary of State, he continues to clean house at State of the federal bloat that has accumulated there over the years, and bring in people like himself to conduct a hard-nosed style of diplomacy. I think Secretary Tillerson is doing just fine, but he must not be living up to President Trump’s expectations. President Trump is a hard task master, who will eventually find the right fit for each position in government. Once that happens, America will run like it has never run before. Heads will be spinning.

  85. When the people who have worked in an agency for decades tell you that you're doing it wrong, you should listen to them, because they know what they're talking about. Arrogant, know-nothing-know-it-all-Trump is a wrecker, nothing more.

  86. @southern boy
    Trump tweets insults, fixates on cultural issues meaningless to the presidency, spends hours watching television. Has zero political skills, knowledge or abilities. Has visited his clubs every 4.1 days since his inauguration. Republican Senators met to discuss he was too dangerous to handle the nuclear triad. He's about 3 seconds from total humiliation over what he and his transition team schemed on with Russia. You will notice he has not tweeted about Michael Flynn. Many believe he's a fake president walking the halls of the white house for this week, any way. He will resign in disgrace.

  87. @PeteH,
    That may not always be the best advice, especially in dealign with federal bloat.

  88. Tillerson also does not lie.

  89. Tillerson led ExxonMobil while it was lying about the role of fossil fuels in driving climate change. He was directly involved in misleading shareholders about the financial implications of that lie.

    Tillerson began his gig with the White House by lying about not wanting the job when, in fact, he hired a consulting team, that included Condoleezza Rice, to lobby Trump to hire him as Secretary of State. Then, during the confirmation hearings, he lied about ExxonMobil lobbying against Russian sanctions.

    Don't kid yourself. Being pro-Russia and being a liar were basic requirements for joining Trump’s administration during its beginning. No exceptions.

  90. Sounds like the Trumpster and Company are acting on another directive from Mr. Putin: "Keep it churning, Don. I love the job you're doing over there."

  91. Pompeo is a fanatical evangelical Christian. It is not a good idea to have religious extremists running anything other than churches, and Pompeo is even more extreme than most. He's on record as supporting torture, stirs-up hatred against Muslims, and is stridently opposes to abortion even in cases of rape and incest.

    He's a dangerous fanatic unsuited to lead anything, let alone the foreign policy agency of the United States of America.

  92. I hope Secretary Tillerson stays. I support his stand on the Paris climate talks, the Iran nuclear agreement and his preference for diplomacy in the North Korea confrontation. I think he hasn't had enough time to reorganize the State Department in a manner that he thinks will work. I think if we are ever going to cut into the national debt ALL cabinet departments will have to cut back. As your newspaper wrote today, even Janet Yellen says all Americans today should go to sleep worrying about the size of the debt.

  93. Sure if you call taking a sledge hammer to things reorganizing.

  94. What else can go wrong? Everything with these clowns!

  95. There are many, many wonderful memories of former State Department leaders - all those who served within the State Department were deeply appreciative of their leadership (I am one of them). They served their Presidents/Country extremely well and they had overwhelming support of State Department employees - from the highest ranking to the lowest. "Idiot Trump" creates 'chaos machines' with every one of his appointments to high level positions. It's because he can ONLY think of himself first and how he will benefit. He succeeds in deconstructing all the things in which we have learned to put our trust. We are in a DEEP CRISIS and it will only continue - as long as this peddler of falsehoods and conspiracy theories is allowed to continue. The 25th Amendment awaits IMMEDIATE ACTION!

  96. By the way, Trump just came out with a twit-statement that Tillerson isn't going to be fired, and they work great together. So since Trump nearly always lies, it looks like Tillerson will be getting fired pretty soon, probably Monday.

  97. You were set up by @realDonaldTrump
    "The media has been speculating that I fired Rex Tillerson or that he would be leaving soon - FAKE NEWS! He’s not leaving and while we disagree on certain subjects, (I call the final shots) we work well together and America is highly respected again!"

  98. Tillerson runs the Department of State like business--lots of layoffs. Next will be Pompeo, playing tough for the base, most of whom haven't seen much of the world and could care less who is offended until somebody strikes back.

  99. Tom Cotton was picked CIA head due to the very effective way he raises his eyebrow.

  100. Traitor Trump wants to start a nuclear war with North Korea before he is indicted for treason, money laundering, and obstruction of justice! Pompeo will push the nuclear button along with Traitor Trump!

  101. This is too bad. Even though I don't like Rex Tillerson's politics, he still seemed to be thoughtful, intelligent and reasonable. Three attributes for which he gained my respect and to a small extent some empathy for him in his current position. Obviously, Secretary of State Tillerson is being fired because he is not unhinged, radical, ignorant, or for that matter willing to bow to Trump's increasingly dangerous and schizophrenic world views and actions. Replacing Tillerson with Pompeo, who is nothing less than a mini-me Trump minion, will be horrible, for not only our country, but for the entire world. If Pompeo does end-up being Secretary of State, i predict that the Union of Concerned Scientists will have no choice, but, to in my opinion, move the doomsday clock to 5 seconds before midnight. Because with this switch and the appointment of Tom Cotton to head the CIA we'll be all that much closer to a cabinet full of complete lunatics that could willingly rationalize and justify actions that will lead to WWIII.

  102. With Mike Pompeo—does anyone else note a Chris-Christie-like demeanor and presence?