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Molly Cohen, Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller proposed to Molly Cohen in 2015 at their favorite diner, where the special of the day on the chalkboard wall was “Marry Me Molly.’’
Weijia Jiang, Luther Lowe
A White House CBS News correspondent and a vice president of global public policy at Yelp met in 2004 at the College of William & Mary.
Michelle Torbeck, Mark Berlacher
The bride and groom are doctors in residency at Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis. She is a medicine-pediatrics and he in internal medicine.
Annemarie Hillman, Douglas Rosenthal
The couple first met in December 2014 at a party given by a mutual friend in Washington. They reconnected at that same friend’s Valentine’s Day party.
Kathryn Soulé, Kellan Hetrick
The bride works for the State Department; the groom is a consultant in information technology. They met in Washington and were married in Easton, Md.
Sharisse Kimbro, Clemont Austin IV
The bride is an ethics adviser for the Boeing Company; the groom is a health care consultant. They were married outdoors, in Sedona, Ariz.
Tracey Auster, Jeffrey Grimes
The couple, both psychologists, met in San Antonio when the bride was finishing her doctoral training and the groom was working as a child psychologist.