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Winston Berkman, Joseph Breen
The couple met during a summer course in urban planning at Harvard, and now work a few seats apart at the New York Legal Assistance Group.
Kristin García, Joseph Lippi
The couple met in 2016 through the dating app Hinge, after the groom viewed a photo on the app of the bride hugging President Obama.
Sara Loshak, Maxwell Wein
The couple met at a graduation party hosted by the 2013 N.Y.U. Class Council, and have been together ever since.
Molly Rushing, Daniel Huang
The couple met in 2015, when a mutual friend introduced them at a Whole Foods store that they all stopped at after services at the same church.
Ashlee Eason, Corey Paris
He introduced himself to her after a church service earlier this year, but had first spotted her years ago.
Ashli Barnes, Joseph Jaroscak
The couple met in Washington, D.C., where she is an assistant director at a nonprofit health care group and he is a program manager for the district.
Marta Pardo, Raymond Lagomarsino
The couple graduated from Princeton, where they met as athletes rehabbing sports injuries. She was on the track team and he was on the football team.
Rachel Quint, Aaron Sherman
The couple work in New York, she on strategy for a humanitarian aid organization, he as the Rockefeller Foundation’s senior speechwriter.
Leora Kulak, Jeffrey Mah
After their first meeting, which began as coffee, then became cocktails and eventually dinner, he asked if he could call her to say good night.