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From Wedding Bells to Wedding Blues
Falling into a post-wedding funk? You’re not alone. Some brides and grooms experience bouts of depression after the ceremony. Here’s how to cope.
Love Is a Battlefield
Loren Voss and Art Moore, both with military backgrounds and an interest in long conversations about war, married in Gettysburg, Pa.
Romancing the Feng Shui
Was I blocking love in my Harlem apartment? Could clearing out under my bed open the door to my love life?
Abigail Ledes, Martin Akesson
The couple met in London in 2013 when the groom was working in investment banking and the bride was studying for a master’s degree.
Dawn Digrius, Robert Smith
She found out how serious he really was about her at a taping of the “The Late Show with Steven Colbert.”
Amanda Aycock, Marc Balmazi
The couple met through the dating app Hinge. She agreed to meet with him only after a mutual friend gave him a thumbs-up.
Louise Denny, Kevin Considine
The couple met in New York in 2018. A mutual friend who thought they might make a match invited them to a cocktail party at his apartment.