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Something New, for $1 Million
Brand-new condos tend to have sky-high prices, but with a little sleuthing, you can find something for closer to Manhattan’s median apartment price.
Finishing Touches
When an actor dies suddenly during his D.I.Y. home renovation in Washington Heights, friends and family come together to complete his vision.
A Brooklyn Brownstone With History
An 1870 house that was lovingly restored during the brownstone revitalization movement of the 1960s comes with scrapbooks detailing the D.I.Y. work.
What You Get for $1.4 Million
A condominium in an 1898 schoolhouse outside Boston, an 1840 Carpenter Gothic house in the Hudson Valley and a 1911 estate in St. Louis.
A D.I.Y. Collaboration
When an actor dies suddenly in the middle of an extensive home renovation, friends and family step in to complete his vision.
Condos for Under $1 Million
While most new-development apartments have sky-high prices, units in some neighborhoods can be had for less than $1 million.