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Taking Stock at Cartier
A new jewelry collection scheduled for April is just the most recent focus for the house’s chief executive.
5 New Gems to Read
Three female designers showcase their art; a new book on the Al Thani collection; and Cartier’s Coloratura collection.
wedding album: Did You Have a Wedding Crasher?
Did you have a random “plus one,” an estranged family member or a complete stranger show up at your wedding reception? We would love to know how you handled uninvited guests on your wedding day.
Instagram Wants to Be Your Mall
Shopping has long represented a major opportunity for the platform. A new feature, introduced with Nike, Burberry, Zara and more, will grease the wheels by letting you buy without leaving the app.
How the Patriarchy Got in Our Heads
In their new book, “Why Does Patriarchy Persist,” Carol Gilligan and Naomi Snider explore the psychology that keeps men in positions of power.