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Stuff Your ‘Rules’
“The Rules” taught us how to deform ourselves to nab a husband. But what would we do once we had him?
Book Clubs Get Especially Clubby
Every age begets its era-specific book clubs. Perhaps it’s unsurprising that ours features more and more niche, insider gatherings. One for Political Junkies? Check. Thriller writers? Check. Proust lovers? Check.
When Important People Die, He’s There
You’ve probably never heard of Robert M. Boetticher Sr., but he has helped arrange the funeral services of multiple presidents, first ladies and celebrities.
Evan Dando Knows He’s Lucky
The Lemonheads frontman was the poster boy — and prettiest boy — of Gen X. At 52, he’s still enjoying a life of drugs and rock ’n’ roll, on Martha’s Vineyard of all places.