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Sex Ed, for Grown-Ups
Still confused about the birds and the bees? These people want to invite you to a party.
Gary Giglio, Veronica Ruelas
The couple met in 2015 on a blind date set up by a mutual friend at the Atrio restaurant at the Conrad Hotel in New York.
Zoey Orol, Jonathan Yehuda
After they began dating in law school her love of the history and inner workings of the New York City subway system eventually rubbed off on him.
Taylor Lustig, Sean Savett
The couple met at a happy hour at a bar in Washington, but he did not recognize her with a new haircut a couple of days later at a coffee shop.
Marie Ternes, Micah Boster
The bride is the executive director of media relations at Pace University; the groom is the chief operations officer of Kaptyn, a taxi technology start-up.
Ashlee Simpson’s New Reality
The pop-rock songstress and MTV star gave up celebrity in 2008. Now she has a whole new famous family, and they’re coming for the Kardashians’s time slot.
The Proof Is in Their Palates
At women-only wine tastings, these beverage industry professionals can show off and hone their strongest sense, without being undermined by male colleagues.