Roger Cohen

Damage to Catalonia
Mariano Rajoy made many mistakes but was right on the basics. The Catalan referendum was a reckless sham.
A German Who Explains Trump
A rightist, tired of “guilt celebration” and political correctness, speaks out on German patriotism and sovereignty.
The Twilight of Angela Merkel
“No experiments” has been the watchword of postwar Germany. The arrival in Parliament of a rightist nationalist party is a watershed.
From 9/11 to Humpty Dumpty
For the perpetrators of the attack on America, the biggest success has been the injection of fear into the national psyche.
Trump’s Iran Derangement
Decertifying the Iran nuclear deal will signal that the United States is now a power whose word is worthless.
Return of the German Volk
I would like to believe this four-letter word is inoffensive. I can’t — not from far-right extremists.