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When Do Consumer Boycotts Work?
Uber, Starbucks, Budweiser. These are just a few of the brands that have faced consumer boycotts for taking supposedly political stances in the past few weeks. Still, it is unclear whether most of these boycotts will negatively affect sales or change company policy. When does "voting with your wallet" work?
Is a Higher Standard Needed for Campus Sexual Assault Cases?
The federal government requires college panels to judge sexual assault cases based on a preponderance of evidence, a lower standard of proof than is required in criminal trials. Some argue this system is unfair to the accused, and that the standard of proof should be more strenuous. But others say that it is the only appropriate standard for colleges, and that the broad latitude these panels can take is unfair to victims: Stanford University, for example, is facing criticism for requiring that their panels rule unanimously before finding a student guilty. Is a “preponderance of evidence” the right standard of proof for college panels judging sexual assault cases?
Corporate Responsibility for Distracted Driving
The family of a girl who was killed when the car she was in was rear-ended by a driver using his iPhone's Facetime app has sued not only the driver, but also Apple. The family says iPhones should disable video and other distracting apps when they are being used by a driver. Should it be a company's responsibility to make social media and other distracting apps unworkable when they are used in a moving car?
Was BuzzFeed Right to Publish the Accusations Against Trump?
On Tuesday afternoon, CNN reported that intelligence officials had given President-elect Donald J. Trump, President Obama and eight members of Congress a summary of allegations that Russian agents claimed to have compromising information on Trump. Several news outlets had the material, in an opposition research report against Trump. But because the report contained inflammatory accusations that were unverified, only BuzzFeed published it. Was BuzzFeed right to do so? This is part of the Issues for Trump and America series.