Why Cats? Why Not Cats?
<![CDATA[The photographer Julius Motal stumbled upon a “cat night” at a Brooklyn bar. From there, he rode the wave from one cat extravaganza to the next.]]>
Those Soviets, They’re Not So Different From Us
<![CDATA[In 1977, Nathan Farb, a left-leaning Jewish artist, was chosen by the government to represent the United States on a public relations trip to the Soviet Union, where he took portraits of Novosibirsk citizens. ]]>
In Flint, High School Football Is No Game
<![CDATA[Chris Wilson, a former professional football player, returned to his Michigan hometown to coach its last remaining public high school team, offering lessons that go far beyond the field.]]>
Witnessing Dignity Amid Death in Guatemala’s Civil War
<![CDATA[The 1980s brought even more massacres and disappearances during Guatemala’s civil war. Robert Nickelsberg ventured to the highlands during that time to document the devastating effects of that violence on Mayan villages. ]]>